Young Musicians Project

Shanti Paul Jayasinha lead a small group of exceptional young musicians in a special presentation of world and carnival-inspired tunes, with free improviser Steve Beresford and blues guitarist Ramon Goose. This project was supported by Awards for Young Musicians.

Daniel Goodwin is a multi-instrumentalist and singer, having played drums since he was 4, piano since 7, and tuned percussion (marimba/vibes) for the last two years. At ages 8 and 9 he played drums in a band entertaining runners in two successive London Marathons. As a pianist/keyboardist , he has played jazz in London NYJO, and is now a regular performer in the Young Musicians Jazz Collective, in which he also plays vibes.

Billy Hill has been playing folk fiddle since he was seven, and learns with Pete Cooper. (He loves the bluesy, syncopated Appalachian stuff best + Cajun music, and anything by Aidan O’Rourke…) Still only 14, he’s been performing at festivals and folk clubs for the last four years, and has won several awards and competitions, including Battle of the Buskers (People’s Choice). He has supported Bruce Molsky, Dave Swarbrick, Tim Eriksen and Eliza Carthy.

Asha Parkinson

Described as ‘a phenomenon’ by the late great jazz composer and pianist Michael Garrick, 13 year old Asha Parkinson took up the saxophone just three years ago, rapidly becoming an outstanding young jazz performer, winning several competitions and an AYM award. She is currently lead alto in the National Youth Jazz Orchestra 2, (NYJO2) leads her own jazz quartet ‘Out of the Loop’ and is also an accomplished pianist.

Established in 1998, Awards for Young Musicians believes that all musically talented young people should have the opportunity to develop that talent, and not just those from well off families. It funds young people, from 5-18, with exceptional abilities, from lower income backgrounds. Their programmes ensure the children can continue making music, providing vital financial backing and supplying opportunities that give them the confidence to progress.